Mesh Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit


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Introducing the Mesh Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit, a sleek and stylish choice for your next beach or pool day. Crafted with comfort and sophistication in mind, this swimsuit offers both coverage and allure.

The Mesh Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit features a contemporary design with long sleeves and mesh panels, offering a blend of modesty and sensuality. The mesh detailing adds a touch of intrigue while providing breathability and ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable under the sun.

Designed for versatility, this swimsuit is perfect for various water activities, from lounging by the pool to playing beach volleyball. The one-piece design offers ample coverage and support, allowing you to move freely with confidence. The long sleeves provide added protection from the sun’s harmful rays, making it an ideal choice for extended hours outdoors.

Stylish and sophisticated, the Mesh Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re relaxing at a resort or soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, this swimsuit combines fashion and function for a memorable swimwear experience.

S 32″~34″ 81~86CM 24″~26″ 61~66CM 34″~36″ 86~91CM A~B 6~8 32~34 4~6
M 34″~36″ 86~91CM 26″~28″ 66~71CM 36″~38″ 91~96CM B~C 8~10 34~36 6~8
L 36″~38″ 91~96CM 28″~30″ 71~76CM 38″~40″ 96~101CM B~C 10~12 36~38 8~10
XL 38″~40″ 96~101CM 30″~32″ 76~81CM 40“~42” 101~106CM B~C 12~14 38~40 10~12
XXL 40“~42” 101~106CM 32″~34″ 81~86CM 42“~44” 106~111CM B~D 14~16 40~42 12~14
3XL 42“~44” 106~111CM 34″~36″ 86~91CM 44“~46″ 111~116CM D~E 16~18 42~44 14~16
4XL 44“~46″ 111~116CM 36″~38″ 91~96CM 46″~48″ 116~121CM D~E 18~20 44~46 16~18
5XL 46″~48″ 116~121CM 38″~40″ 96~101CM 48″~50″ 121~126CM D~E 20~22 46~48 18~20
6XL 48″~50″ 121~126CM 40″~42″ 101~106CM 50″~52″ 126~131CM D~E 22~24 48~50 20~22


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